30 December 2009

Meal Time with MissyMoo2

I had big plans to do the second post last night but we're having computer trouble. So now I'm blogging from the iPhone. Talk about dedication!

I've hit a bit of a stumbling block in the past couple of days with MissyMoo2's meals. She's 6 months old now and has been on solids for a little while. I thought fussy eating was supposed to announce itself in toddlers but it has become apparent that baby is a quick learner (probably from watching her big sister).

She loves pureed pumpkin and pear, and apple and rice cereal are ok. Now that I'm trying to introduce meat, the little one has become set in her ways. She has taken to spitting the food which is in her mouth right back at me by blowing raspberries - the type done with the tongue between the lips to ensure maximum distance and breadth of spray. I should know when a spray is about to come because it's preceded by a grimace and screwed up face, as if she has chomped on a slice of lemon.

Last night after trying for longer than I'm proud of, I gave up and gave her a milk arrowroot biscuit. She smiled so cutely that I leaned in to give her a kiss and she promptly sprayed me in the face. Being a mum is so rewarding!

27 December 2009

1st Blog Post Ever - Creative Outlet

As you can see from the title, this is my first blog post ever!

I've been thinking about blogging a bit lately, after hubby suggested it to me when I began considering using writing as a creative outlet.

I've been trying to come up with a new creative outlet for a while. For years it was playing classical guitar as a teenager, which then morphed over time into singing with the guitar as accompaniment. Unfortunately with two small children, music is not really possible any more, at least not at this stage of their lives. At the moment it's mainly an issue with the eldest. She's three and she just wants to play the guitar too and make requests. Requests are great, but eventually you do run out of animals on Old MacDonald's Farm and it's time to come up with some different material. I barely get through the first verse of anything of the non-nursery rhyme variety before I'm interrupted by "My turn". (It's great when kids learn about taking turns, except that the other person is lucky to have a turn lasting ten seconds while the kid's turn goes on for an eternity.)

Anyway, at least blogging can be done, quietly, at night after the MissyMoos go to bed. Let's see if I keep this up...
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