21 January 2010

Porridge Hands

Breakfast was a blast this morning.

I sat MissyMoo2 on a wrap on the floor to eat her porridge and pureed apple mix, yum yum. The first few mouthfuls were easy & uneventful. Soon after beginning her breakfast, though, MissyMoo2 decided to make things a little more interesting.

MissyMoo2 is one of those babies who likes to touch food with her hands and put non-edible things (for example, play dough) in her mouth. This morning was no exception. Every one of my attempts to keeps the bowl out of her reach resulted in MissyMoo2 crying and then clamping her mouth shut tight when I attempted to put a spoonful of food in. Making funny faces worked a few times; singing a silly sing got her mouth open a few more. But then my tricks stopped working.

Out of ideas, I did what any mother who had just been outsmarted by a 7-month-old would do: I succumbed. Instead of worrying about the mess, I decided to think of it positively - as an educational experience.

The look of glee on MissyMoo2's face as I put the bowl within reach was worth it. First she put a couple of fingers in the bowl, then took them out and licked them. Next, she put her whole hand in and then the other hand joined in the fun too. She started laughing and splattering around in the bowl. When she was finished there was food on her face, her legs, her hands, my legs and I think we also managed to get some more in her mouth. There was very little left in the bowl.

MissyMoo1 came over to see what all the fuss was about. She pointed and laughed, saying: "Mummy, she's got porridge hands!"

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