28 January 2010

Splashes and Giggles

My girls recently started having baths together. Once MissyMoo2 started sitting, I decided to do it; partly due to laziness and partly so they could have fun playing together in the bath. Okay, it was mainly due to laziness - getting two kids clean at the same time just seems to make sense.

When they sat facing each other in the bath for the first time, the looks on both their faces was priceless. I wish I'd brought a camera in with me (actually, I'm glad I didn't - you'll see why).

MissyMoo1 did her beautiful awe-struck look and said a long "wow" to give it full effect. With the size of her grin eclipsed only by the depth of her dimples, she could hardly contain her excitement that her baby sister was finally big enough to play in the bath with her.

MissyMoo2 gave a smile so big it showed off her tooth. She looked adoringly up at her big sister, confident that life just didn't get any better than this.

Well it did.

MissyMoo1's experienced hand smacked the water, splashing everything in about a half metre radius (hence my relief at not having brought the camera so close to the bath). At that, MissyMoo2's expression ascended to absolute glee. With beads of water on her cheeks, she looked up at her big sister and then down at the water. Smiling, she started splashing away with both hands and chuckling. For the next couple of minutes both of them were splashing and giggling -it was a joy to watch and I found myself giggling along with them too.

Who needs bath toys when you can splash your sister?!

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