14 January 2010

Watching Charlie & Lola - Post script

I can't resist adding a post script to the post about watching "Charlie & Lola".

Before I begin, just a bit of background. Like most 3-year-olds, MissyMoo1 is very fussy with her veggies. The only ones she will eat without a level of negotiation worthy of securing a peace treaty between warring nations, are steamed potatoes and steamed zucchini, both with the skin off.

MissyMoo1 and I were watching the DVD again today on a rainy afternoon. The first episode is about Lola's fussy eating and how Charlie manages to get her to eat her veggies. The first vegetable is a carrot. Much to my amazement, before we even got to the part where Charlie says that carrots are orange twiglets from Jupiter so that Lola will be interested in eating them, MissyMoo1 said to me: "Mummy, can I have a carrot, pleeeease?"

"What was that sweety?" She asked for a vegetable and used her manners the first time? I couldn't believe my ears. She repeated her request and I gladly got up, peeled a whole carrot and gave it to her. And ... she ATE it!

I love tv which is a good influence on kids :-)

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