05 January 2010

Watching Charlie & Lola

I'm sitting on the couch with MissyMoo1 (3) watching "Charlie & Lola" on DVD. MissyMoo1 doesn't mind a bit of tv in the afternoon after a day of playing (it's a hard life!). She used to have an afternoon nap but these days that rarely happens. I tried to make it happen for a while there but the making was not terribly condusive to producing the relaxed state required for sleeping. So now zonking out in front of the tv for some pre-schooler viewing is fine by me.

I'm quite a fan of "Charlie & Lola" actually. It's one of the few kiddy shows that hasn't yet made me want to go and clean the kitchen, or shower, or toilet, just to have an excuse to leave the room. Charlie seems to teach Lola a lot of things I would think would be in the parent domain but apart from that, it's wonderful. Charlie also seems to have a lot of patience for a little kid but then how could you not with a little sister as cutey adorable as Lola.

It has made me wonder what pearls of wisdom MissyMoo1 will be passing onto her little sister. Scamming lollies will probably be high up on the list and perhaps learning to jump like a frog. Judging from the way the two of them have been playing together so happily lately, I'm sure they will be sharing secrets and ganging up on their parents to get what they're after, which is exactly how it should be.

Now that MissyMoo2 is sitting up to play, the girls are fighting over toys and making each other cry one minute, then smiling, cuddling and sharing the next. just a minute ago, Missy Moo1 gave her sister a soft kiss on the cheek, then put a toy on her head and laughed at her. The show we're watching makes me wonder what the girls will be like when they're a bit older, but right now, they're just awesome :-)

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