25 February 2010

End of (Tennant's) Time

The other night I sadly watched the last David Tennant Dr Who episode.

No, I don't mean sad in the sense of it being sad that I actually watch Dr Who (hubby's opinion!). It was sad because I absolutely think David Tennant has been the best Dr I've seen and I'm sad to see him go.

I used to watch repeats of the old series of the show as a kid and have always been a bit of a closet Dr Who nerd. That closet door became ajar when the new series began and was flung open when the Doctor regenerated into David Tennant. Now the Doctor had remained his usual intelligent self, but had also become quirky and extremely easy on the eye! In the all series that followed, I watched every episode, happily losing myself in the fantasy.

Then, sometime last year (not sure when - I've blocked it out of my mind), the terrible news was announced: David Tennant was leaving the show. A communal pained cry swept the world (well, the Dr Who and David Tennant Facebook fan pages at least), as devoted fans contemplated a Davidless Dr Who.

It was the end of an era: no more stripy suits (sounds like pyjamas when described that way, but he managed to pull it off); no more thick-framed glasses when he was thinking which still looked sexy; no more "I make being a genius cool"; no more pining for his Rose; no more pretty-boy hair...

The next thought which immediately came to mind was, who would the next Doctor be? Who would be brave (or stupid) enough to attempt to fill the running shoes of the Doctor we had grown to love?

The final episode was, I think, as good an ending as we could have expected. It gave the Doctor the dignity of dying to save another. It let us visit our favourite Tennant companions one last time. It also briefly introduced us to the new Doctor: young, chatty and not nearly as good-looking.

I will watch the next series, perhaps more out of curiosity than anything else. How the new guy measures up will be revealed in "time". You never know, I might like him ... or I might just step back into that closet.

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