22 February 2010

Time, Home, Stuff

I honestly (naively) thought that with MissyMoo1 (3) at pre-school one day each week, I would have some extra time to play with MissyMoo2 (8 months), do housework and have some me-time for writing.

Cut to her fourth week at pre-school and I'm noticing a pattern emerging. Well, it is not so much a pattern as a realisation of the fluid nature of "time" (and no, this is not because I watched Dr Who last night. If I have 'time' I"ll devote an entire blog post to that one.)

What I have noticed is that the more free time I think I'll have, the more I try to fit into it and the more frazzled I become.

Take this morning for example. Pre-school day is now grocery shopping day, as it's much easier with just one of the MissyMoos. After doing that, I didn't get home until after 11. Then, after putting it all away, doing more washing, eating, general tidying up, I find myself here, finally, at the computer at 1.47pm. And this is only possible because MissyMoo2 has been asleep since we got home from the supermarket. So much for one-on-one time there. I might have to wake her up if she doesn't wake soon so she can have some "lunch" before we have to head out again. In about an hour we'll go and get MissyMoo1 from pre-school and that's the end of my "break".

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. At least these days I have "me time" occasionally. It was a luxury I couldn't afford when I worked full-time when MissyMoo1 was little. Mind you, I could afford cool stuff instead, like fancy shoes!

No, seriously, I'd much prefer my 'me time' and my kiddy time to fancy shoes. I guess I just pictured more 'sitting around with a cuppa' scenes on pre-school days. But then, nobody ever fantasises about vacuuming ... well, I certainly don't.

Maybe it just all comes back to the ironing thing. I'd have heaps less to do if I returned to being a folder/hanger person. But then, I would deprive myself of the pleasure of making the clothes so smoooooooth.

Time to go and stack the dishwasher before MissyMoo2 wakes up!

bye bye.

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