20 March 2010

Do you want fries with that?

The upsize phenomenon has been around for a while, I know, and I have come to accept the irritation it makes me feel as simply a part of ordering fast food. From memory it began with McDonalds although on the odd occasion when I do go there, I don't hear it any more. It's vaguely annoying but expected at KFC when, even when you specifically ask for a regular sized meal, you are faced with: "Would you like to upsize for an extra dollar?" (I think it might be $2 now though). Until today, the most irritating one I had come across was at Baker's Delight, when a request for a loaf of bread subjects me to: "would you like the two loaves for $6 today?" This provokes my inner scowl, particularly as I'm usually served by the same person two or three times per week and I never get more than one loaf at a time. I think I may have actually rolled my eyes at the woman last time.

Today topped the lot though. We bought a new car. Yes, very exciting and all that, especially because when we get it, it will be the first new car either of us has ever owned. Hubby and I were both left with a bitter taste in our mouth though when the formalities got underway. By way of background, the car is new, but cheap. It's small, on sale and we're trading in our old car which, frankly, we should probably have dispensed with a while ago; so we're hardly flashing money around at the caryard. We signed the contract for sale of the car at around 11:15. We didn't get out of there until midday...

The car salesman left and a woman took his place at the desk. She began by complimenting us on our two beautiful daughters, who had been happily playing on the carpet earlier but were now beginning to look, sound and act tired. She then began to try getting us to buy window tinting for the car. It was for safety, to stop our kids getting sunburnt (ah, why don't we just put sunscreen on them?) and to stop glass shattering all over them if there's a car accident. She actually seemed to be insinuating that we would be unfit parents if we did not succumb to the upsell. It made my blood boil. My exterior remained cool but inside I was screaming: "not looking after my children's safety? Well a big f%#k you to you too! I'm here aren't I? I've just bought a new car haven't I? Who do you think you are?!" It turns out I wasn't over-reacting - hubby got the same impression.

With rejection of the tinting she seemed personally offended. With less friendliness in her tone she then began to rattle off all sorts of extras we might "need". We told her we weren't interested in any extras. "Don't you even want to know the prices of them?" she asked. "No," was the simple response. But apparently we weren't clear enough.

She eventually got the picture and slightly snappily told us we'd have to sign a disclaimer which she presented to us and which I had finished reading before she had finished 'explaining' it. (It was a pretty pathetic excuse for a disclaimer - much more wishy-washy than the ones I used to write for a living). She seemed to be withholding the pen for a little too long - I had time to contemplate reaching into my handbag to get my own, reaching across the desk and taking it from her, as well as asking if I could borrow it. She eventually handed it over at which time I quickly signed it and ticked all the boxes of extras we were not adding on. Hubby could have sworn that he saw "steak knives" on the list.

It wasn't over yet. When paid the deposit there was a spiel from a different woman about a premium warranty, which was also flatly rejected. By this stage MissyMoo1 (3) was alternating between lying on the seat sucking her thumb and bouncing off the walls. MissyMoo2 (9 months) was grizzling and wriggling all over the place.

We were finally let out of the room, with dignity and wallets intact. The upsize beast could capture and interrogate us, but it did not win out in the end.

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  1. Well done for withstanding that barrage. A lesser mortal would have cracked for sure. Enjoy your new car. Its not a Mazda 2 is it?


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