30 March 2010


We got a new car yesterday!!!

As you can see by the exclamation mark explosion above, I am just a little excited. It's mine & hubby's first new car ever, individually or collectively so it's a pretty big deal for us.

I wasn't overly excited at first. Well hubby commented a few weeks ago that I didn't seem excited and, while I liked the idea of a new car, I suppose I didn't really believe that we would get one.

I think that to fully understand the excitement, you also need to have an idea of what the Kia replaced: hubby's first car - a 16-year-old Camry with a bit over 290,000kms on the odometer (I'm relieved we won't be around to see it tick over to 300k). It had been a great car and hubby had loved it. He had bought it 2nd hand when he was a uni student. We had gone on many road trips together in it, brought it with us as we moved from place to place, and it had been the car to take us on that all-important trip to hospital for the birth of MissyMoo1. But those were all the better days seen by the poor Camry. Time and travel had ravaged it. It squeaked when it should have vroomed and the fuel door had to be opened by pulling on a wire on the inside of the boot. The last straw, though, was getting through summer without air-conditioning. So many years as kids we survived 10 hour road trips in the January heat, with the windows opened whilst travelling at 100kph and frozen poppas cooling our sweaty necks. But we just can't do it any more - we've gone soft. And after getting through the summer, the thought of driving in winter without a working heater was just too much to bear.

And now, presenting the latest addition to our family, our little Rio. Although it's not red, it still looks good in white. This afternoon hubby asked me what I like about it. It was then that I realised how excited I had become, as I could not pick a favourite aspect. I just rattled them all off. The air-conditioning works. It's smooth, small and suberb. The little shorty that is me can see over the steering wheel. MissyMoo1 can see out the window. It's a hatchback so you know that when you're reversing, the car ends where the rear window is; there's no guestimating how much room you have at the back. Oh and I love the little windscreen wiper at the rear. I don't think I've loved a car as much since OJ - my parents' white little hatchback I learned to drive in as a teenager. Hmm, there's a few similarities there.

Now I just have to figure out the radio and blue-tooth stuff before the annoying salesman rings to check that everything is ok...

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