05 March 2010


We've had a big week of milestones.

On Monday MissyMoo1 (3) wrote her name for the first time and on the same day MissyMoo2 (8 months) said that name for the first time (her second word). Those milestones were very exciting and it was lovely for each of them to have done something new on the same day.

This week's prize for "milestone causing the most change to the household", however, goes to MissyMoo2 for Wednesday's effort: she started crawling. By today (Friday), she has managed to crawl the length of the house to "chase" her big sister. She has also discovered that she no longer needs mummy to get her to the toys - when she crawled to the toy room this afternoon, I wish I had taken the camera with me to capture the look of glee on her face!

It's great that MissyMoo2 can crawl, really it is. I mean, she has been trying for weeks and getting really frustrated. Looking at her now, you would think she had been doing it for weeks. The only trouble is that now it's mummy's turn to get frustrated - I have to make sure the house is babyproof, crawling babyproof. This is something that is not too much of an issue with a first baby - making the house babyproof is something that must be done, but it is not something that must be done continuously as, I am finding, is the case now.

Because MissyMoo2 has an older sister, the house is full of toys that are not appropriate for a baby to play with. There are so many little things: Polly Pockets, Barbie's shoes, coins from her little purse, beaded necklaces and bracelets, play forks from the play picnic set (my heartrate is increasing just thinking about it - luckily MissyMoo2 is safely sleeping in her cot right now). There is of course the ever-present danger of eyes being poked by sharp objects, but my main concern is choking. This problem is amplified by the fact that MissyMoo2 likes to put things in her mouth ... a lot. In fact, just about everything that makes it into her hands also makes its way to her mouth (another new thing for me - MissyMoo1 was not a 'mouth' baby).

I envisage that soon mummy will have bald patches from tearing her hair out every time MissyMoo2 decides to explore any part of the house at all. (I bet she'll be a cupboard opener too - that'd be right.) MissyMoo1 is learning that the little toys need to go in a special container which lives on the top shelf of the doll's house, but getting a three-year-old to pack up is not something I can rely on. The picnic forks were living on the play kitchen bench ... until this afternoon when MissyMoo2 pulled herself up onto her knees and reached them. Maybe we should all just play with cuddly teddy bears and teething rings for a while...

On the upside, I might not need to be concerned about weight gain when I stop breastfeeding in a few months - looks like I'll be very active chasing after children and their toys :-)


  1. I just re-read this post and, yes, Miss L did turn into a cupboard opener too!

  2. What lovely memories! Really enjoyed this post.


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