16 April 2010

It's Fitness Time

Sport. It's not something I've done a lot of in the past few years ... or ever really. The only times I've done regular exercise have been when I lived in an apartment block with its own gym and in my last couple of years of uni when a good friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of B grade indoor mixed netball.

I had never shown any interest in netball before then. In high school, I think in about year 8, heaps - it seemed most - of the girls in my year took up Saturday morning netball, but not yours truly. I just wasn't interested. I'm not sure why I took up netball at uni. Probably a combination of social and fitness reasons. Admittedly, the first few weeks were difficult while I learned the rules. I didn't really enjoy it in the beginning. But it really grew on me, to the point where, when uni was over and it was time to move away to Sydney, I was very sad to see it end.

Fast forward five and a half years to the present day during which time, between work, children and laziness, the only exercise I had done was in the aforementioned apartment gym, infrequent short walks with the pram, swimming a few laps when pregnant with MissyMoo2, walking up and down the stairs in my house and general chasing after my young children.

During a conversation at a playgroup last year, I mentioned to one of the mums that I would be interested in playing netball again. Then, last weekend it all came to fruition. A friend from playgroup said that there was a spot on her team if I was interested in having a run - in her indoor, mixed team. Woohoo!

I excitedly accepted. But then over the course of the next day or so in the lead up to the game, I became increasingly nervous. It had been so long. Would I remember the rules? Were the other players any good? Would I be fit enough? I hadn't really done any exercise for over 12 months. I had visions of being exhausted and unable to continue after a couple of minutes while everone else around me had barely broken into a sweat. I confided my fears to my friend on our way to the game and she reassured me that I'd be fine. 'Yeah but she hasn't seen me play yet,' I thought to myself.

You'll be happy to know that luck was on my side. We arrived only to discover that the other team had forfeited. We still got a run though. With a couple of extra people there to watch, we managed a friendly four-on-four game. It was hard but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was a great way to ease me into remembering the rules, to get a bit of exercise (but not too much!) and, most if all, it was so much fun! I wasn't sore the next day either. It seems I had underestimated my level of fitness - perhaps chasing children has done more for me than I had given it credit.

I'll definitely be going back for more. Can't wait until the next game!

11 April 2010

Party time

One of the things I had considered a positive aspect of my girls getting older was that I might be able to have the occasional alcoholic drink. A couple of weeks ago we went away for the weekend for a friend's 30th. It was the first 30th in our main circle of friends so it was a much- anticipated shin dig.

Missy Moo2 was almost weaned so I thought I might be able to partake in a vino or 2. I built it up during the course of the evening while I was getting bub to sleep that I was quite excited by the time the opportunity arose to have a sip. You see, due to pregnancies, preparation for same and breastfeeding, there has been around six months out of the past four years during which I have actually been able to drink. Needless to say, I was eagerly anticipating the party drink, particularly as everyone else there except my lovely pregnant friend were right into it.

While I was getting MissyMoo2 to sleep at the party, the beer and bubbly were flowing. Conversation grew more animated as the alcohol made everything more exciting to everyone. There was even a drinking game going on in one of the sitting rooms. It was much the same crowd I had hung out with at uni, so I thought we'd have a great time like we always had and that drinking my first sip of bubbly would grant me entry back into the world of carefree fun I seem to have left behind.

But it wasn't the same. From the first sip, I felt happily tipsy, but also uneasy. I wasn't used to the way the alcohol made me feel and I didn't like the feeling of losing control of myself, even a little bit. It didn't taste good, just ... potent. Then I started thinking about the kids. What if MissyMoo2 woke up (which of course she would with all the noise - and she did)? And I couldn't be headachy or tired when MissyMoo1 arrived courtesy of her grandparents the next day. I abruptly came to the stark realisation (which I had already known but was suppressing for the weekend away) that my life has changed - I have changed. I am responsible for other people now and I just don't feel comfortable doing the party thing any more. Now I have my fun in other ways.

I'm no longer thinking about how good it will be to be able to drink once I've weaned MissyMoo2. Yeah, it'll be okay to have one or two occasionally at home or with dinner. But it's been relegated to the back of my mind now thanks to my party observation reality check.

09 April 2010

Weaning? Not I...

What a difference a week can make. Continuing on from my last post, a week ago the weaning stopped. MissyMoo2, at 9.5 months, realised her Mamma was sneakily withholding nenna (what we call the milk jugs) and hatched her own plan to put a stop to the bottle invasion.

One week on and MissyMoo2 has been victorious. There has been no bottle since last Thursday and, true to her form of old, lefty rarely gets a look in. Up until last night I was actually quite happy to be breastfeeding again. It's so easy to not have to steralise bottles, pack formula with you when you go away, and it works a treat to get her to sleep when nothing else will.

Last night was the first time all week though that I really haven't enjoyed it. MissyMoo2 was a bit ... well ... rough. She didn't bite or anything, but she does this weird thing where pulls her head back and pushes me away at the same time. I don't think she's doing it to get more milk out - there seems to be enough there. Anyway, as with most parental decisions it has left me a bit torn between trying the weaning again or keeping things the way they are. I think I'll tough it until tooth #4 breaks through and then the spouty cup might try to sneak in something other than water!

02 April 2010

To wean or not to wean ...

I'm struggling a bit at the moment in the baby feeding department.

Three or four weeks ago I began weaning MissyMoo2 off the breast and onto the bottle. Besides a few top-up bottle feeds as a newborn, I had been breastfeeding her for the first eight months of her life. But at around eight months old, things had started to change. The first thing was the biting - granted, that only happened on the occasional bad teething day but my very real fear of nipple amputation at the teeth of my daughter started me thinking about weaning. The next thing was what began as her preference for one side over the other, which over time morphed into MissyMoo2 almost exclusively feeding from her favourite side (right) and showing contempt for poor lefty. Then, in an attempt to get her sleeping through the night I gave her a bottle of formula one night before bed to fill her up. It worked. She drank it all up and slept through the night instead of waking for a feed as had been her habit to that point. Then when, after having continued that for the next couple of nights, I gave MissyMoo2 a choice and she laughed at me while grabbing for the bottle, I knew that it was time.

Fast forward to two days ago and MissyMoo2 was down to one breastfeed per day. Things seemed to be going well. But now things seemed to have turned. Since yesterday's mid-morning feed, MissyMoo2 has refused the bottle. She squirms, screams and the clamps her mouth shut when the teat goes near her. I've tried a sippy cup too with much the same result. So now, worried that she will dehydrate I've been offering her breastfeeds again, which she is thankfully accepting, but after 3 weeks of weaning I don't have enough milk to sustain her.

So now, as of tonight, the situation is this: no bottle, formula or cow's milk (tried both to
see if the taste was an issue), no spout cup, only breastfeeding, mainly from one side but with not much milk.

Oh, and she's also teething, which could be contributing to the difficulties.

I've done everything I can think of except buy new spouty bottles but the shops were shut today. Any ideas anyone???
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