16 April 2010

It's Fitness Time

Sport. It's not something I've done a lot of in the past few years ... or ever really. The only times I've done regular exercise have been when I lived in an apartment block with its own gym and in my last couple of years of uni when a good friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of B grade indoor mixed netball.

I had never shown any interest in netball before then. In high school, I think in about year 8, heaps - it seemed most - of the girls in my year took up Saturday morning netball, but not yours truly. I just wasn't interested. I'm not sure why I took up netball at uni. Probably a combination of social and fitness reasons. Admittedly, the first few weeks were difficult while I learned the rules. I didn't really enjoy it in the beginning. But it really grew on me, to the point where, when uni was over and it was time to move away to Sydney, I was very sad to see it end.

Fast forward five and a half years to the present day during which time, between work, children and laziness, the only exercise I had done was in the aforementioned apartment gym, infrequent short walks with the pram, swimming a few laps when pregnant with MissyMoo2, walking up and down the stairs in my house and general chasing after my young children.

During a conversation at a playgroup last year, I mentioned to one of the mums that I would be interested in playing netball again. Then, last weekend it all came to fruition. A friend from playgroup said that there was a spot on her team if I was interested in having a run - in her indoor, mixed team. Woohoo!

I excitedly accepted. But then over the course of the next day or so in the lead up to the game, I became increasingly nervous. It had been so long. Would I remember the rules? Were the other players any good? Would I be fit enough? I hadn't really done any exercise for over 12 months. I had visions of being exhausted and unable to continue after a couple of minutes while everone else around me had barely broken into a sweat. I confided my fears to my friend on our way to the game and she reassured me that I'd be fine. 'Yeah but she hasn't seen me play yet,' I thought to myself.

You'll be happy to know that luck was on my side. We arrived only to discover that the other team had forfeited. We still got a run though. With a couple of extra people there to watch, we managed a friendly four-on-four game. It was hard but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It was a great way to ease me into remembering the rules, to get a bit of exercise (but not too much!) and, most if all, it was so much fun! I wasn't sore the next day either. It seems I had underestimated my level of fitness - perhaps chasing children has done more for me than I had given it credit.

I'll definitely be going back for more. Can't wait until the next game!

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