09 April 2010

Weaning? Not I...

What a difference a week can make. Continuing on from my last post, a week ago the weaning stopped. MissyMoo2, at 9.5 months, realised her Mamma was sneakily withholding nenna (what we call the milk jugs) and hatched her own plan to put a stop to the bottle invasion.

One week on and MissyMoo2 has been victorious. There has been no bottle since last Thursday and, true to her form of old, lefty rarely gets a look in. Up until last night I was actually quite happy to be breastfeeding again. It's so easy to not have to steralise bottles, pack formula with you when you go away, and it works a treat to get her to sleep when nothing else will.

Last night was the first time all week though that I really haven't enjoyed it. MissyMoo2 was a bit ... well ... rough. She didn't bite or anything, but she does this weird thing where pulls her head back and pushes me away at the same time. I don't think she's doing it to get more milk out - there seems to be enough there. Anyway, as with most parental decisions it has left me a bit torn between trying the weaning again or keeping things the way they are. I think I'll tough it until tooth #4 breaks through and then the spouty cup might try to sneak in something other than water!

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