03 May 2010

Liver Cleansing Diet: Day 1 (of 57)

Today it began. Although the diet began this evening, the mindset started in the morning with grocery shopping. I loaded up the car with all sorts of nuts, seeds and vegetables. It was more time-consuming (4 supermarkets to find all the stuff) easily $50 more expensive, but the smells were delicious. The beautiful aroma of basil kept us company on the drive home and made me a bit excited at cooking up all the goodies.

Tonight's dinner was vegetable ratatouille followed by passionfruit gelato (not home-made) for dessert. Dinner was okay, but not very satisfying. Maybe my head was telling me that I couldn't be full because there was no meat in the meal ... or maybe it just wasn't satisfying. The gelato was delicious so I'm on a winner with dessert! Now I'm cooking pumpkin soup for tomorrow's lunch. Let's hope it's okay and fills my tummy, otherwise it's going to be a long eight weeks.

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