04 May 2010

Liver Cleansing Diet: Day 2

I managed to get through the night without being woken by hunger pains, which was a good start. After my two glasses of water with lemon juice, it was time for the raw vegetable juice made from carrot, celery and parsley. Silly me, in 'I should be making everything fresh' mode, had a go at pureeing said vegetables and adding water to make it "juice". The result was a disgusting lumpy mush which I immediately wanted to spit into the sink once it made contact with my tongue. Upon closer inspection of the book, it appears that making the juice is not necessary. Tomorrow morning I think I'll go with the V8 juice.

I was pretty hungry today but I think it was more a longing for nutella on toast than a lack of nutrition bring provided by the food I was eating. The pumpkin soup for lunch was delicious - I'll be making that one again even after this is all over.

Tonight's fried rice was average & MissyMoo1 refused to eat it. It was bland but filling. Hope tomorrow's is better. Cooking new things is not really my forte...

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