06 May 2010

Liver Cleansing Diet: Day 3

I'm getting used to this eating healthily thing and not lamenting the lack of chocolate too much any more - although I do have to stop myself from automatically grabbing a lolly when I open up the pantry.

One highlight of today was a fine example of my self-control. I went through KFC drive-thru to get a bottle of water (the missy moos were asleep in the car and we're supposed to drink filtered water - I figured drive-thru was the best option. I wish there was such a thing as a drive-thru bakery, but that's off the topic - I'll save that for another time). I got the water and did not get any KFC. I was so proud of myself as KFC is a major weakness of mine.

The other highlight was dinner: chicken and almonds followed by gelato for dessert. DELICIOUS. Even with my sense of smell temporarily disabled by my cold, it tasted so good. There's another dish I'll be doing again even after all this is over. Mmmm...

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