07 May 2010

Liver Cleansing Diet: Days 4 & 5

The last couple of days have not been very exciting foodwise. It has seemed to be quite bland and made more difficult by my cooking separate meals for MissyMoo1 (of sausages, no less) so she gets to eat some meat.

Day 4 lunch was a sandwich, but of course, it could not be a normal sandwich. It had avocado, grated carrot, grated raw zucchini and tinned tuna. It had a very "fresh" taste but really the only flavour came from the tuna, which was tomato and onion flavoured (and I think that was cheating a bit - it probably should have been plain, bland tuna).

Day 4 dinner: I dislike wholemeal pasta. That is all.

Day 5 lunch and dinner were both sandwiches. Dinner was pretty good though with pieces if chicken breast, avocado, tomato & lettuce. I did miss the cheese and mayo which are usually part of that sandwich filling gang. It wasn't anything fancy but it hit the spot. The gelato for dessert was again delicious. It was a battle to eat it in peace though - by the end of my bowl I had both MissyMoos climbing all over my legs trying to get to my bowl.

There have been a few highlights and I know we're only 5 days in but I've been seriously thinking about ditching the diet at times. I'll stick it out for a while longer but I can't wait until it's over.

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