02 May 2010

Liver Cleansing Diet: Preparation

A few days ago, Hubby announced he wanted to do the liver cleansing diet.

A few years ago we bought a book called The Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr Sandra Cabot. We had a look at it but only got as far as making the seed & nut protein mix, which we never actually used. I was breastfeeding MissyMoo1 at the time and so couldn't go on it myself, so I didn't end up cooking the special meals for hubby to enable him to stick to the diet. After a while it was forgotten.

It was actually completely forgotten ... until Thursday night when on a rare late-night shopping trip hubby mentioned he wanted to go to a bookshop to see if he could find a book about the liver cleansing diet. "Ummm, we already have it," I told him. He was quite surprised. I had to convince him by telling him that I had read it and had even made the seed & nut mix that needs to be sprinkled on everything. I only threw the mix away in a pantry clean-out about six months ago.

So the book has now been retrieved and dusted off. We will be starting the eight week program tomorrow with our evening meal. I spent a fair bit of time today looking through the book and drawing up a menu plan for the next week. It will mean a bit of extra work for me as the Missy Moos will need to have separate meals but we'll give it a go and see if it does us any good.

It is supposed to improve the liver's health by removing the fat from the liver ... or something. But it means a few sacrifices, such as no red meat, quite a sacrifice in this household. Hubby wants to do it to improve his health. I'm pretty much doing it because he is, although it's probably a good thing for me considering I'm still eating like a breastfeeding mother even though MissyMoo2 is weaned now.

Tomorrow it begins. I'm sure I'll keep you posted.

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