04 June 2010

Family trip to Sydney

With two small children and one income, we don't travel much these days. And, unfortunately, the travel bug didn't really hit me until I had responsibilities - just another example of my grass-is-always-greener-itis.

So then, a couple of months ago, hubby mentioned he would be going to Sydney for a conference, I jumped at the chance to tag along and make a little trip out of it. With various other things occupying my attention over the past few weeks, I hadn't really given the Sydney trip much thought until the day before we left. I'm a big list writer - I have been known to keep a list of my lists - but this time there was no list. Also, the day before we left, I went to a friend's place for a couple of cocktails for "an hour or two". Over four hours later I made it home, drunk, and with only the clothes packed.

Now you might think that there isn't much else apart from clothes to pack for a night away. Before having kids I would have agreed. But now, with a bottle-feeding, crawling 11-month-old, there's plenty: bottles, detergent to wash same (forgot that), steraliser, sippy cup, port-a-cot (forgot that), dummies, dummy chain (to prevent dummy loss), nappies, wipes, change mat, baby food, spoons, teething rusks, a couple of toys to stave off boredom, pram and anything else you can fit in the car.

I like taking the girls places. I don't think travelling has to be overly difficult with little ones as long as you're prepared and don't try to fit too much into each day.

Feeling underprepared and a bit hung over, I was a little flustered at first, but I soon got into the spirit of things. First stop was Taronga Zoo.

We saw the new baby elephant which was quite cute ... well, for an elephant. MissyMoo1 said her favourite part was the tiger, mine was the chest-pounding gorilla, hubby's was the bird show and I'm sure MissyMoo2 was practising her walking by pushing chairs around in the cafe when we stopped for some morning tea.

By early afternoon we were ready to check into the hotel. After a bit of TV watching, hubby went to the office to do a few things and my afternoon was spent showering everyone and keeping MissyMoo2 out of the bins.

We had a beautiful dinner on a cruise boat on Sydney harbour. Both kids were a bit whingy by this stage but they were bearable. MissyMoo1 in particular liked seeing the light show being projected onto the Opera House and seeing the Harbour Bridge by night. Another highlight for her was seeing the different coloured lights shining on buildings around Circular Quay - she was so excited!

The next morning (Monday), hubby went to his conference while the MissyMoos and I braved the wind for a walk with the pram to the Opera House. MissyMoo1 was happy to have the opportunity to use her new umbrella and she got to climb a few front steps of the Opera House while MissyMoo2 and I watched from the pram.

Then we went home. It was a great night away but it was good to be home too. Next time I'll be better prepared and, with an older MissyMoo2, there will be slightly less "stuff" for me to remember to bring!
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