17 July 2010

Sleepless Night

Last night was a very strange night. I was up for an hour in the middle of the night and then awake very early in the morning for mummy duties. Today I was pretty tired and managed a power nap in the afternoon. It made me realise how accustomed I have become to sleeping fairly normally these days. I'm usually up three or four times per night for child-related responsibilities, but only for a moment each time and then I'm straight back to bed - I barely need to wake up at all. This time last year, I was up every three hours for an hour at a time feeding a newborn Missy Moo 2. Now I very much appreciate close to a full night's sleep.

Last night, however, was a different matter entirely. MissyMoo1 (3) had fallen asleep in a late afternoon car ride and had done the transfer to bed. It was too good to be true to last the whole night though. She woke at 12:30am asking for pyjamas & a drink of water. After that had all been taken care of, she said she was hungry. I'm not sure why - probably a form of temporary insanity resulting from being awake - I suggested she get up and have her dinner. So MissyMoo1 and I sat up at the table while she ate her dinner 7 hours after everybody else. We had a lovely little chat, as if it was completely normal to be dining in dressing gowns at almost one in the morning, and then it was back to bed for a quick story (yes, we even did the bedtime story) and then back to sleep. After a job well done, a satisfied mum also went back to bed only to be called back to duty by the screams of MissyMoo2.

At 12 months, MissyMoo2 is going through a difficult teething stage. She's normally pretty easy-going but pain is affecting her. So up I got and attempted to rock her to sleep. No good. Then good old Panadol came to my aid. But by the time the little one got to sleep I had been up for an hour between the two kids.

At 5am, the screams returned and all I could to do calm her down was to lay the little munchkin on my chest. When she finally got to sleep, I was so cosy I didn't want to get up either, but I forced myself to put her back in her cot at 6am so I could get some decent sleep without worrying that she was going to fall out of bed.

Strangely, each time before I had to get up, I was awake just beforehand. Could it be that after nearly four years of mothering I am finally developing instincts?!

After last night's experience I have no idea how I managed to function last year for so long with so little sleep. I suppose the body just adjusts. Tonight I'd like it to adjust back to sleeping through the night.

Good night!

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