26 September 2010

Morning! ... almost

MissyMoo2 (15 months) has developed a bad habit: waking early.

It began a couple of weeks ago as awaking slighty before her usual 6am but has morphed in this morning's experience: 5am ... zzzz

Hubby has been doing a bit of the getting-up-early-in-the-morning since I started working (a topic for another blog post no doubt), but today he did not stir so I did the honours. There she was, standing in her cot, dummy in mouth, looking forlorn. I resisted the temptation to pick her up, still clinging to the faint hope that I might be reunited with my bed once more this morning. I patted the mattress, put warm blankets on and tried a few other tricks which sometimes work when MissyMoo2 has not yet completely deteined that it is time to get out of bed.

Not this morning though - she had decided that it was time to get up. I picked her up, walked past my bedroom door (with difficulty as a fought the temptation to bring her back to bed with me, the voice of reason in my head saying "Don't start that again") and into the lounge room. She had a bit of her bottle, but as I sit with her lying asleep in my arms, it seems that nothing beats a warm, snuggly cuddle early in the morning.

At least we'll be ready for daylight saving...

17 September 2010

Running Through

It has been a while between blog posts (again) and I have had a few in mind lately which I haven't had the opportunity (or the inclination, when the opportunity arose) to convert from ideas floating around various parts of my mind to text for potential consumption by the blog-reading public.

A few weeks ago, I went in a 10.5km fun run (that extra 0.5 is very important!). Hubby and I had walked it three years ago pushing little MissyMoo1 in a pram and I remembered it being very tiring, but fun in a get-out-in-the-sunshine kind of way. After that year, various baby-related reasons prevented me from giving it another go, so I was keen to participate again this year.

So keen, in fact, that I decided I would try to jog the first 2km to test how fit a weekly netball game and constant running after the MissyMoos had made me. Hubby kindly performed child-caring duties for the morning while I took myself along to the race. Standing at the start- line alone with my race number safety-pinned to my top and my car key safety-pinned to my pants, I began feeling a little lonely and under-prepared. People in groups were chatting. People alone or in pairs were stretching and warming up. I decided that a few stretches would probably be wise, so I did a couple which I vaguely remembered from high school PE classes and which I see my friend and netball team mate (incidentally, a high school PE teacher) doing before our weekly games.

I don't even remember hearing the starter gun. I just saw all the people in front of me move so, in a sheep-like fashion, I did the same.

I began a slow jog and before I knew it, 1km had already gone. The beautiful scenery was pleasantly distracting and hearing people puffing around me when I wasn't was satisfying and motivated me to get through to the 2km marker. At that point I felt like I could keep jogging so I though I would try to keep it up for another km and see how I went. I did this at each km marker until I got to 7km of straight jogging. At that point I thought "well, I've come this far, I'm not going to walk now. I'll jog the whole thing." in the last km, feeling like I still had some petrol in the tank, I picked up the pace. I jogged along, beaming, exhilarated, spurred on by how far I had already gone and how little ground there was left to cover. I almost did not want it to end - I was enjoying the solitude so much, "me" time.

I crossed the line feeling an immense sense of achievement. It was more than just exceeding my own expectations: it was a rite of passage. I had cone through to the other end of my body's rollercoaster journey of the past few years - pregnancy, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant, miscarriage, pregnancy, breastfeeding - and now I was physically and mentally fitter than I remember being before. I take pride in what I did that day and in what it symbolises to me: having my body back, feeling like more than "just" a mum, surpassing what I set out to achieve.

And if you're into stats, I did the 10.5kms in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 3 seconds. I came 850th overall out of 1463 who ran the 10.5kms on the day.
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