26 June 2011

No Fuss, All Fun

MissyMoo2 turned two last weekend. We had planned to have a family day out at a farm about an hour's drive from home. We had done the same outing for MissyMoo1's second birthday a couple of years ago and she had enjoyed seeing all the farm animals as well as the resident koalas and wallabies.

Unfortunately there were a couple of key differences in the lead-up to MissyMoo2's birthday to that of the equivalent one of her big sister. MissyMoo2's birthday is in winter, not summer, and instead of lovely weather, in the week preceding MissyMoo2's birthday it was pretty much non-stop rain. Even if the sun did shine that day, we figured we would be knee deep in mud. So we made the disappointing decision a couple of days beforehand not to make a farm tradition of the second birthday, and to stay home instead.

It was the best decision we could have made.

The day of MissyMoo2's birthday was a glorious winter's day. The MissyMoos, Hubby, my parents and I had a little party at home. Balloon blowing and streamer throwing began at 9:30am and did not stop until late afternoon. We were eating all day, there was no driving and the MissyMoos played all day inside and out. I think that in an era of children's parties gone crazy with exhorbitant amounts of money spent on venues and entertainment, it was a beautiful reminder of how much fun children can have when they entertain themselves, and how much fun the adults can have watching them and spending time with their nearest and dearest.

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  1. It is so true. You could spend a fortune at an exorbitant cost per head venue entertaining a large group of kids. Instead a bit of simple celebrating with family at home has a better result with happy well balanced kids and a more relaxing time for you too!
    Glad she had fun.


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