29 July 2011

30 weeks

"30 weeks, already?!" "Oh man, only 30 weeks, still 2 months to go." These have been my swinging sentiments over the course of the day today - the former when I've felt cute movements, the latter when the movement was a painful jab.

My overall feeling is that I can't believe that MissyMoo3 and I are 3/4 of the way through the pregnancy.

The new notable ailment of the week comes from the increasing strength of MissyMoo3's kicks. Let's just say that sitting still in a seminar all day today was not to her liking!

This past week has involved quite a bit of juggling and running around with appointments. Last night I went to Sydney for a seminar today. With my parents kindly having the MissyMoos for a sleepover, I had a night of downtime which I really needed. Hubby came too and worked from Sydney today. We enjoyed some quiet time last night and a nice breakfast this morning. Now we're coming home and the batteries are partly recharged. I'm looking forward to kiddy cuddles and a quieter week ahead.

26 July 2011

Left To Their Own Devices

Some mornings are madness - everyone is rushing, children are arguing and necessary items such as hats or shoes go missing just as you need to leave the house.

But yesterday morning was calm and lovely. The MissyMoos were ready in plenty of time and, instead of antagonising one another, they went off and played alone before it was time to go out for the day. I was so pleasantly surprised at what I found my little girls doing. MissyMoo1 (4) was in the lounge room, setting up her little toy ponies in a line and tidying their hair. MissyMoo2 (2) was sitting on the floor next to her bed. She had wrapped up her baby doll in a little woolly blanket, put it in her bed and was "reading" it a story.

Ah, my gorgeous girls. That was just the perfect start to the day.

22 July 2011

29 weeks

Well another week has gone by and I can't believe that MissyMoo3 and I have reached 29 weeks already!

This past week has been dominated by my new notable ailment of the week: gestational diabetes.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was tested for this last Friday. On Tuesday morning I tried three times to call the hospital for my results but couldn't get through. When someone from the hospital rang me later that morning (just after I'd had a small piece of chocolate cake for morning tea - my last hoorah!)I knew what she was going to say before she said it - they don't ring you about good results.

I had GDM with MissyMoo2, and although I wasn't tested for it with MissyMoo1, due to various factors the general consensus is that I had it then too. So it was expected ... but no less disappointing. Now I've always made a point of not crying at work if I can at all help it, but after hanging up the phone I couldn't stop the tears from flowing for a few minutes before I managed to compose myself.

A few days later, I'm doing fine. I am fortunate to have a wonderful, understanding boss who has allowed me to change my work days in order to fit in the specialist appointments I will need to go to. I now have my glucometer and all my results so far have been good. I know what to expect and what to do. I know that it will probably get worse before the baby is born and that diet alone might not be able to manage it. I know my fingers will be sore, I'll be hungry sometimes and I won't be able to indulge even if people around me do. I know it will get me down sometimes. But I also know what an amazing difference controlling gestational diabetes can make to the baby's size and consequently the entire birth experience. Given the choice, I would take the birth of MissyMoo2 over that of MissyMoo1 any day.

Time to go and have some carb-moderated afternoon tea now. Ciao.

18 July 2011

Cool Stuff I Get To Do Because I Have Kids: Knitting

I've recently rediscovered knitting. It's not something I started doing because I have kids, in fact, it was something I learned to do as a kid. I've gone through phases of knitting scarves for hubby and I, but the most recent motivation to take up the hobby again has come with having kids.

When I was pregnant with MissyMoo2, I knitted her a blanket. It was just garter stitch but with three 4-ply baby wool strands altogether and it's HUGE! I'm proud to say that it is keeping MissyMoo2 warm in her bed as I write. After that though I think I was all knitted out and haven't really done much until I started my current project.

Now I have started a blanket for MissyMoo3. I originally bought the wool because I had seen a picture of a blanket on the packaging which looked really nice. But it was crocheted and I have never crocheted in my life. The only reason I own a crochet hook is to pick up dropped stiches in my knitting. I bought a beginner's crochet book but quickly realised that learning the new skill of crochet at this stage of the game was slightly ridiculous, so I opted for tried and true knitting. Learning to crochet can wait until my brain recovers from pregnancy and newborn baby induced sleep deprivation. The blanket won't be quite as big but it should be a little fancier as I'm alternating squares of garter stitch and stocking stitch. It was a slow start but by doing a row here and a row there, it's coming along, and I'm really enjoying doing it. it's great to spend time on something and to have something tangible and useful to show for it. On the weekend MissyMoo1 (4) said "It's starting to look like a blanket now, Mum". Phew!

I got my sewing kit out today to finally mend some clothes and toys (a task which I had been putting off for months - that's actually not an exaggeration). I was pleasantly surprised to find balls of leftover wool and some patterns which I have collected over the years. I'm hoping that knitting isn't something I forget about again once this blanket is done.

16 July 2011

28 weeks

Right, we're here. No matter the source, be it Internet or books, the third trimester is definitely upon me.

I spent the morning of the 28 week mark being pumped with glucose and drained of blood as I had my third 75g GTT of the pregnancy. The last two tests had returned negative results for gestational diabetes but at this stage of the pregnancy, it's crunch time. I must say, I'm a bit anxious about getting the results. Memories of testing my blood sugar four times per day during my pregnancy with MissyMoo2 are starting to resurface...

The new notable ailment of the week has been heartburn. Oh, the joy.

My emotional state has been fairly stable (for a pregnant woman!) during the pregnancy, but I did have a ... moment ... this week. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and just started sobbing. There was nothing in particular which triggered it, but I just remember feeling at that moment completely overwhelmed and a little lost. Hubby woke up and cuddled me which made me feel a thousand times better. Like a child, I think I just needed someone I loved to take over and to say everything would be okay. The next morning I was completely fine again. I guess that's all part of the emotional roller-coaster ride of pregnancy.

1000 Pageviews!


Francesca Writes Here has just passed 1000 all time pageviews!

Thanks for reading, more posts to come.


14 July 2011

Belly Size

It has started.

The judging from complete strangers on the size of my belly, that is. I knew it was coming; there have been a few sideways glances already in MissyMoo3's lifetime and I've been through it before with the others. But today's was the most obvious so far this pregnancy...

I was just at the newsagency, buying a sudoku puzzle book to pass the time at tomorrow's 2-hour-long 75g glucose tolerance test during which I am not allowed to move at all. From the middle-aged woman serving me I got the question "How long to go?" and with my reply of "12 weeks", there was no verbal response. Her eyes immediately fell to the level of my belly and I saw her raise her eyebrows.

I know I should just ignore it but it really pisses me off that 1) people think it's any of their business, and 2) that in receipt of a response to their intrusive question they think it appropriate to be so rude. Why is a pregnant woman's body public property? Why is that acceptable but I can't ask her what size top she was wearing and then roll my eyes if she answered me?

I could rant on and on about this but I'm too tired carrying this gigantic belly around with me...

11 July 2011

27 weeks

Last Friday, MissyMoo3 and I reached the 27 week gestation mark. I remembered to weigh myself this time. There was a bit of a gain, which places me at a comparable size to the MissyMoo2 pregnancy and thankfully not at the whale proportions of the eating free-for-all which was my pregnancy with MissyMoo1.

I had a check-up at the hospital last week too, which went very well. I love having a 9am appointment. When I arrive the waiting room is virtually empty and when I leave it is standing room only, which can't be good in a room full of pregnant women. I mean, who gives up their seat?

This week's new notable ailment is foot cramping. No longer can I sit on my haunches to play hairdressers with the MissyMoos. I need to have my feet firmly planted on the ground or else flexed at all times. Alas, no pointed toe pirouetting for me!

Nesting seems to be creeping in a little too. I've been baking quite a bit now, and the pantry is quite overstocked. Last week I caught myself wiping the bench top around the sink at work...

03 July 2011

26 Weeks

On Friday I reached 26 weeks gestation with MissyMoo3. During my previous pregnancies I used to mark the start of a new gestational week by looking at the week's chapter in my pregnancy books, memorising all sorts of statistics about baby's estimated size and stage of development. That has not happened this time, but the one thing I had been consistent about was weighing myself every Friday morning. Now I know weight gain isn't really supposed to mean anything but it's a little thing I like to do just to see how I'm tracking compared to the other pregnancies.

So last Friday I completely forgot to weigh myself, actually I completely forgot it was a new pregnancy week altogether. I had been so busy that morning getting myself and the MissyMoos organised for the day's appointments that it did not enter my mind at all. It wasn't until later that morning when somebody making conversation asked me how far along I was that I realised mid-reply: "I'm twenty-f... er, twenty-six weeks".

This week's new notable ailment has been stiff thigh muscles. Rather than lying in bed at night, I must be running marathons in my sleep because when I first get up in the morning I can barely move - my legs are so sore. So I hobble and waddle (yes, the waddling has started) about the place for a bit and then things go back to normal (although I use the word "normal" rather loosely by this stage of pregnancy).

I have, since Friday, caught up on my pregnancy chapter reading. The two books I own on the subject say that I am now entering the third trimester. The website I subscribe to for skim-reading weekly email updates tells me that the third trimester is still a couple of weeks away. Either way, time seems to be passing rather quickly...

Half a World Away

As I write, my uncle and aunt are in an aeroplane, en route to visiting family in Sicily. When I first heard they were heading over for a holiday at fairly short notice, my first reaction was "lucky buggers, take me with you"! I started fondly remembering my spontaneous trip over there with my mum and MissyMoo1 when she was just 20 months old, for Cugina C's wedding. Even though it was a whirlwind trip of only 6 days, it was fantastic, the memories are vivid and the relationships with those family members remain close.

I began wishing that the world was a little smaller, that we weren't so far away and that it didn't cost so much money to go there. But then, I realised how much easier it is these days to keep in touch with people all over the world compared with when my mother, her parents, brothers and sister came to Australia from Sicily in the late 1960s.

My mum, at age 18, left the only life, family and language she knew to start again on the other side of the world. They battled loneliness, communication difficulties and racism to carve a life for themselves here in Australia. Telephone calls were too expensive to make often, so they kept in touch with family members back home by good old-fashioned letter-writing. They spoke about their family often and kept close ties to others from the same home-town who had also made the mammoth move, creating their own family away from family.

Thanks to their efforts, I have a relationship with cousins, aunts and uncles on the other side of the world whom I have only seen a handful of times. Email, Facebook and cheap telephone calls make communication easy (well, as easy as can be in my sometimes awkward Italian but I do my best!). And I can always daydream about going back there to visit one day with hubby and all the MissyMoos when they're older and easier to travel with. I know there will always be somewhere for us to stay and open arms to welcome us. All I really need to do now is win lotto to cover the travel costs (I'm working on it - but it's slightly out of my control!).

Reader Stats

I have recently discovered the statistical information on blogger about my blog and it fascinates me, particularly the part which tells me which country my readers are from.

Most are from Australia, which is understandable, as I share my posts with my facebook friends and most of them are Aussies. I've also had readers from the US, UK, Albania (I know who that one is!), Japan, Canada, Switzerland, India, Malaysia and Germany.


It's really encouraging to me that people take the time to read my blog posts. Thank you so much. Keep reading and I'll keep blogging!

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