03 July 2011

26 Weeks

On Friday I reached 26 weeks gestation with MissyMoo3. During my previous pregnancies I used to mark the start of a new gestational week by looking at the week's chapter in my pregnancy books, memorising all sorts of statistics about baby's estimated size and stage of development. That has not happened this time, but the one thing I had been consistent about was weighing myself every Friday morning. Now I know weight gain isn't really supposed to mean anything but it's a little thing I like to do just to see how I'm tracking compared to the other pregnancies.

So last Friday I completely forgot to weigh myself, actually I completely forgot it was a new pregnancy week altogether. I had been so busy that morning getting myself and the MissyMoos organised for the day's appointments that it did not enter my mind at all. It wasn't until later that morning when somebody making conversation asked me how far along I was that I realised mid-reply: "I'm twenty-f... er, twenty-six weeks".

This week's new notable ailment has been stiff thigh muscles. Rather than lying in bed at night, I must be running marathons in my sleep because when I first get up in the morning I can barely move - my legs are so sore. So I hobble and waddle (yes, the waddling has started) about the place for a bit and then things go back to normal (although I use the word "normal" rather loosely by this stage of pregnancy).

I have, since Friday, caught up on my pregnancy chapter reading. The two books I own on the subject say that I am now entering the third trimester. The website I subscribe to for skim-reading weekly email updates tells me that the third trimester is still a couple of weeks away. Either way, time seems to be passing rather quickly...

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