11 July 2011

27 weeks

Last Friday, MissyMoo3 and I reached the 27 week gestation mark. I remembered to weigh myself this time. There was a bit of a gain, which places me at a comparable size to the MissyMoo2 pregnancy and thankfully not at the whale proportions of the eating free-for-all which was my pregnancy with MissyMoo1.

I had a check-up at the hospital last week too, which went very well. I love having a 9am appointment. When I arrive the waiting room is virtually empty and when I leave it is standing room only, which can't be good in a room full of pregnant women. I mean, who gives up their seat?

This week's new notable ailment is foot cramping. No longer can I sit on my haunches to play hairdressers with the MissyMoos. I need to have my feet firmly planted on the ground or else flexed at all times. Alas, no pointed toe pirouetting for me!

Nesting seems to be creeping in a little too. I've been baking quite a bit now, and the pantry is quite overstocked. Last week I caught myself wiping the bench top around the sink at work...

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