16 July 2011

28 weeks

Right, we're here. No matter the source, be it Internet or books, the third trimester is definitely upon me.

I spent the morning of the 28 week mark being pumped with glucose and drained of blood as I had my third 75g GTT of the pregnancy. The last two tests had returned negative results for gestational diabetes but at this stage of the pregnancy, it's crunch time. I must say, I'm a bit anxious about getting the results. Memories of testing my blood sugar four times per day during my pregnancy with MissyMoo2 are starting to resurface...

The new notable ailment of the week has been heartburn. Oh, the joy.

My emotional state has been fairly stable (for a pregnant woman!) during the pregnancy, but I did have a ... moment ... this week. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and just started sobbing. There was nothing in particular which triggered it, but I just remember feeling at that moment completely overwhelmed and a little lost. Hubby woke up and cuddled me which made me feel a thousand times better. Like a child, I think I just needed someone I loved to take over and to say everything would be okay. The next morning I was completely fine again. I guess that's all part of the emotional roller-coaster ride of pregnancy.

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  1. Hey Fran!

    I tried to reply to your post on my blog but the page is playing up. I love reading your blog and seeing what you and your gorgeous family are up to - and also hearing about how your pregnancy is going :-)
    Fingers crossed the Gestational Diabetes stays away this time xxx


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