29 July 2011

30 weeks

"30 weeks, already?!" "Oh man, only 30 weeks, still 2 months to go." These have been my swinging sentiments over the course of the day today - the former when I've felt cute movements, the latter when the movement was a painful jab.

My overall feeling is that I can't believe that MissyMoo3 and I are 3/4 of the way through the pregnancy.

The new notable ailment of the week comes from the increasing strength of MissyMoo3's kicks. Let's just say that sitting still in a seminar all day today was not to her liking!

This past week has involved quite a bit of juggling and running around with appointments. Last night I went to Sydney for a seminar today. With my parents kindly having the MissyMoos for a sleepover, I had a night of downtime which I really needed. Hubby came too and worked from Sydney today. We enjoyed some quiet time last night and a nice breakfast this morning. Now we're coming home and the batteries are partly recharged. I'm looking forward to kiddy cuddles and a quieter week ahead.


  1. I cant believe how fast the months are going by. I remember you saying you were pregnant at Jo's party! It doesn't seem that long ago!

  2. I know, when I look back, it really seems to have flown by. I think I was only about 8 or 10 weeks along at that party!


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