14 July 2011

Belly Size

It has started.

The judging from complete strangers on the size of my belly, that is. I knew it was coming; there have been a few sideways glances already in MissyMoo3's lifetime and I've been through it before with the others. But today's was the most obvious so far this pregnancy...

I was just at the newsagency, buying a sudoku puzzle book to pass the time at tomorrow's 2-hour-long 75g glucose tolerance test during which I am not allowed to move at all. From the middle-aged woman serving me I got the question "How long to go?" and with my reply of "12 weeks", there was no verbal response. Her eyes immediately fell to the level of my belly and I saw her raise her eyebrows.

I know I should just ignore it but it really pisses me off that 1) people think it's any of their business, and 2) that in receipt of a response to their intrusive question they think it appropriate to be so rude. Why is a pregnant woman's body public property? Why is that acceptable but I can't ask her what size top she was wearing and then roll my eyes if she answered me?

I could rant on and on about this but I'm too tired carrying this gigantic belly around with me...


  1. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall if you did ask her what size top she was wearing?! Or maybe her bra size!

  2. Ooh bra size, that's a good one!


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