18 July 2011

Cool Stuff I Get To Do Because I Have Kids: Knitting

I've recently rediscovered knitting. It's not something I started doing because I have kids, in fact, it was something I learned to do as a kid. I've gone through phases of knitting scarves for hubby and I, but the most recent motivation to take up the hobby again has come with having kids.

When I was pregnant with MissyMoo2, I knitted her a blanket. It was just garter stitch but with three 4-ply baby wool strands altogether and it's HUGE! I'm proud to say that it is keeping MissyMoo2 warm in her bed as I write. After that though I think I was all knitted out and haven't really done much until I started my current project.

Now I have started a blanket for MissyMoo3. I originally bought the wool because I had seen a picture of a blanket on the packaging which looked really nice. But it was crocheted and I have never crocheted in my life. The only reason I own a crochet hook is to pick up dropped stiches in my knitting. I bought a beginner's crochet book but quickly realised that learning the new skill of crochet at this stage of the game was slightly ridiculous, so I opted for tried and true knitting. Learning to crochet can wait until my brain recovers from pregnancy and newborn baby induced sleep deprivation. The blanket won't be quite as big but it should be a little fancier as I'm alternating squares of garter stitch and stocking stitch. It was a slow start but by doing a row here and a row there, it's coming along, and I'm really enjoying doing it. it's great to spend time on something and to have something tangible and useful to show for it. On the weekend MissyMoo1 (4) said "It's starting to look like a blanket now, Mum". Phew!

I got my sewing kit out today to finally mend some clothes and toys (a task which I had been putting off for months - that's actually not an exaggeration). I was pleasantly surprised to find balls of leftover wool and some patterns which I have collected over the years. I'm hoping that knitting isn't something I forget about again once this blanket is done.


  1. Gareth had me buying rainbow wool at the weekend so he could bring it to school for French Knitting. They started today and he was so excited saying it was BRILLIANT!!!!
    I bet your girls will be into similar crafts as they get bigger!

  2. I just found this post - if you ever want to learn to crochet and are up this way, I'd be happy to help you. My Gran taught me how to knit and crochet when I was little and I just love watching projects grow !!
    Have the best day !


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