26 July 2011

Left To Their Own Devices

Some mornings are madness - everyone is rushing, children are arguing and necessary items such as hats or shoes go missing just as you need to leave the house.

But yesterday morning was calm and lovely. The MissyMoos were ready in plenty of time and, instead of antagonising one another, they went off and played alone before it was time to go out for the day. I was so pleasantly surprised at what I found my little girls doing. MissyMoo1 (4) was in the lounge room, setting up her little toy ponies in a line and tidying their hair. MissyMoo2 (2) was sitting on the floor next to her bed. She had wrapped up her baby doll in a little woolly blanket, put it in her bed and was "reading" it a story.

Ah, my gorgeous girls. That was just the perfect start to the day.

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