09 August 2011

31 weeks

To be honest, my focus has not really been on the pregnancy this past week as other things have been taking up my time and attention.

There are no new notable ailments this week, just more of the old ones: diabetes, heartburn – wow, I make pregnancy sound so glamorous don’t I?! I have been managing the diabetes ok, and I am getting used to the diet. I have only had one really hungry day so far. Despite my efforts on the diet front, this week saw me start oral medication – just a low dose at this stage though so things are still manageable and on track.

MissyMoo3 just keeps getting stronger and there are now definitely discernible sleep/wake patterns. For example, she loves to party between 9pm and 10pm – just when her old mum is trying to go to sleep. Ah, young people of today!


  1. Just think that you are now counting down...!
    Everything is going to be just fine.

  2. well done !! glad the bgl is hanging in there ! thinking of you all
    love us xoxo


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