13 August 2011

32 weeks

Wow, 32 weeks, well and truly into the thirties now.

The best thing from this past week was the ultrasound I had on Thursday. I had been fairly nervous about it, as its purpose was to check MissyMoo3's size because of the gestational diabetes. My nervousness came from having had a big baby before...

The woman who performed the ultrasound was fantastic. She told me what she was doing at every stage. "This is the bladder. It has fluid in it which means the baby's kidneys are working". Good. "This is the stomach. That black mark is amniotic fluid, which means the baby is swallowing". Great! And now for the best bit: "These are the measurements. This cross is those measurements plotted on the graph and this is the 50th percentile line". Fan-bloody-tastic! Only once before have I been so relieved to hear the word "average" associated with a child of mine and it was in a similar situation to this. Pretty much everything was tracking on or close to that middle line and I was so pleased to hear it. Hey stranger, do you want to comment about my belly? Say what you will, this bubba's average size, yippee!

I know there's still a long way to go, but having that snapshot at this interval was just the inspiration I needed to hang in there (and resist the temptation of lollies and chips we had on offer this morning to our visitors!).

New notable ailment of the week: massive calf cramp in the middle of the night. Also, the only time I have laid down on my back for any length of time recently has been at ultrasound / midwife appointments, but ouch, getting up from that position is tricky and quite hard on the back!

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