18 August 2011

33 weeks

Okay so I'm not officially 33 weeks pregnant until tomorrow, but as my plans for tomorrow night involve getting reacquainted with my ironing basket, I don't think there will be much time for blogging.

Overall, the past week has been quite good, all things considered. My new notable ailment of the week leads into a new milestone of the pregnancy. The muscles at the base of my belly now get quite sore when I lie in bed, so I have finally had to bite the bullet and do the big pregnant woman thing: lay a pillow under the side of my belly when I sleep. Although I did this reluctantly at first, I haven't looked back. Sure, I might take up even more of the bed, and it's an extra thing to do when rolling over during the night, but the difference it makes to my comfort is immeasurable! Another ailment which has crept into my life in the last couple of days (and has not really gone away) is backache. So now I really do waddle!

I also had a check-up yesterday, which went quite well. Although I'll have to increase my meds again in a few days and I'll probably go on insulin in a fortnight, compared to my previous outing to the hospital a fortnight earlier it was fantastic.

At my previous check-up at 30 weeks and 5 days, I had the MissyMoos with me (bad start, yes, but necessary as MissyMoo2 had a specialist appointment at the same hospital on the same day). Having them with me made it difficult to ask questions and spend time with the midwife and diabetes doctor, but I managed to overhear (over the girls' repeated requests for food, drink, toys etc) the doctors hinting at putting me on insulin and discussing the possibility that I am developing type 1 diabetes in adulthood - pretty much because I am still fairly young, not overweight and don't have a complete direct family history of type 2 diabetes but have still managed to have gestational diabetes every pregnancy. That freaked me out a little. Then to top it off, that afternoon MissyMoo2's specialist said that she needed surgery on her left hip. (That's completely another story which I'm not prepared to blog about just yet, still very raw and we are still at the stage of gathering information before making a decision to put a 2-year-old through elective surgery). Anyway, I had arrived at the hospital that morning feeling nervous, and had left that afternoon in tears.

This week's appointment then, at 32 weeks and 5 days, was quite a bit better! I arrived feeling anxious and left with a smile and a bounce in my step (well, as much of a bounce as one can have in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy). My blood test results showed my blood glucose levels in the last three months have been perfect (no mean feat considering how much chocolate I had been eating to make the most of not yet having gestational diabetes before I was diagnosed with it!), and I have no antibodies indicating development of type 1 diabetes. So why the gestational diabetes each time? Just lucky I guess. But at least I have my motivation back to be fit and healthy after MissyMoo3 is born whilst no longer having to count the carbs. And while I might have to go onto insulin at my next visit, at least I have two weeks to get used to the idea. As well as all that, I found out that I will be talking to an actual doctor at my next appointment with a view to looking at some kind of birth plan. Yay, meeting MissyMoo3 is getting closer.

Oh and to top it all off, while I was in the appointment, I received a text from a dear school friend of mine announcing the birth of her third child the night before. Can't get much better than that!

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  1. The end of a pregnancy is the most uncomfortable I have been in all my life. It sucks. I had GD in my last two pregnancies, I have to watch myself though, it's more than likely I'll get it when I'm older, both my parents have it. Not long until Missy Moos 2nd birthday then, you'd better start planning for that!


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