31 August 2011


If you've read my earlier post on the subject (http://francescawriteshere.blogspot.com/2011/07/cool-stuff-i-get-to-do-because-i-have.html), you'll know I'm partial to knitting. Lately in the evenings, when I have not been blogging or ironing, I have been busily knitting away at a blanket for MissyMoo3. Last night, I finally finished it and here is a photo of the finished product...

... and here is a close-up of the pattern...

When I showed MissyMoos 1 & 2 this morning they were suitably impressed. Let's hope MissyMoo3 gets some great cuddly time from it when she joins us on the outside!


  1. You have done a wonderful job. Well done! I'm sure you must be very proud. Not half as proud as when Missy moo 3 is actually wrapped up in it! I don't know about you but we are very excited about her arrival here. Girls are counting down the weeks!

  2. Not many weeks left to count now Gina! There will be lots of baby cuddle opportunities for the Baynham girls (and boys if they want to) - I'm so glad they're excited too! We can't wait!!


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