14 August 2011

New Look

In celebration of having broadband internet at home again, I have given the blog a bit of a revamp.

Hubby has done a wonderful job of getting the net up and running for us again and now, thanks to his efforts, I am also reaping the rewards.

For the first time in ages I am actually able to see my blog on a computer screen and no longer will I be using hubby's iPhone to write posts. It was convenient to a point, but incredibly irritating too. I can't believe how good it feels to actually be typing on a computer with ten fingers, instead of touching the phone's screen with one, and to see everything on the page at once!

I have been able to look around at templates, play with colours and fonts, and - shock horror - click and drag page elements around! I might do a bit more playing around with things on here in the next few days...

1 comment:

  1. Glad you are back online! It must feel so much easier working on a big screen. Nice colour too!


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