02 September 2011

35 weeks

35 weeks today. MissyMoo3, we're in the home stretch now baby!

My belly is sticking out nicely. It now touches the steering wheel when I drive after having already moved my seat back a notch. I should be able to manage moving it back one more notch but any more than that and my short little legs might not be able to reach the pedals!

I had another ante-natal appointment during the week. Unfortunately all my excited anticipation about discussing a birth plan with the doctor was for nothing - the midwife was running so late that by the time I saw her, the doctor had already left. Thankfully, she spoke with the doctor on the phone and he was happy enough to see me in a fortnight for that discussion. I was quite annoyed at the time, but I will have had another ultrasound by then to check on MissyMoo3's growth, so the timing for our birth "chat" will probably be better then anyway.

After my labour dream, I have now completed packing MissyMoo3's hospital bag. Mine is still a work in progress.

Today I felt the most tired I have felt this pregnancy (well at least I think so - I've already forgotten the first trimester fatigue). I think it's a combination of being so far along in the pregnancy, chasing the MissyMoos and having to stay up late (until 9:30pm!) to have my supper so I have enough carbs in my system to get me through the night. This evening I had a little snooze after dinner which has pepped me up a bit. The carpet needs vacuuming but that will just have to wait until tomorrow...

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  1. If you needed another reason why blogging is good for you I think you just found it. It helps to fill in that time where your body is falling asleep waiting for supper time to come along!
    Not long to go now!


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