09 September 2011

36 weeks

This past week it has really felt like I'm in the last part of the pregnancy, mainly because of the many notable ailments which have appeared (or reappeared), namely:

  • Braxton Hicks - those painless tightenings which are supposed to be signs of the body preparing for labour (which can begin many weeks before the real deal - I know that from experience!);
  • Dull tummy pains, like period pains;
  • Swollen feet - this happened a couple of times during the week when the weather was warm and I'd been on my feet a lot during the day;
  • Leg cramps - I had a fun one at 3:30am Tuesday. I had to get up and walk from my bedroom to the lounge room and back three times to get rid of it; and
  • Stretched abdominal muscles - yes it is possible to pull a muscle by merely getting up from the couch. I've managed to do it twice today, once on each side at the base of my belly.
To top that all off I've been fighting a cold for the past couple of days. But the MissyMoos were so good yesterday and played without arguing while I had a lie down for a couple of hours. I didn't sleep but the rest was just what I needed to stave off the sickness. Gorgeous MissyMoo1 (4) kept coming in to check on me - she was my little nurse.

Today I went for another ultrasound to check on the baby's size. Last night I had a dream that I was told I was having twins, but I didn't let the dream worry me too much. It was to be my sixth ultrasound this pregnancy so I figured they would have picked up something like that by now! I was, however, a tad nervous about how big MissyMoo3 would be.

MissyMoos 1 & 2 came along too as they love the cool playroom in the waiting room. It has a slippery dip, books and lego. The were quite disappointed that we didn't have to wait too long until I was called in for the scan. They came in with me and were both in awe of what they were seeing on the big screen. Well, MissyMoo1 spent a lot of time looking at the screen; MissyMoo2 (2) was quite excited by the goop on my belly.

Thankfully, the scan didn't take too long and the MissyMoos behaved (all except MissyMoo3 who wouldn't show us her face on the 3D scan). The sonographer confirmed once again that MissyMoo3 is a girl. And the best bit of the day was that MissyMoo3's measurements were all bang on the 50th percentile line. I was so relieved. Lets hope she can keep up the good work for the next four (or less!) weeks and be an average-sized bubba for her Mamma :-)

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  1. Glad Missy moo 3 is behaving herself growth wise! Not long to go now!!!!!!!!


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