18 September 2011

37 weeks

On Friday MissyMoo  reached 37 weeks gestation. According to my pregnancy books and my weekly email update from http://www.birth.com.au/, MissyMoo3 is a full term baby from this point on. So the bun in the oven is cooked! Now we wait...

This past week hasn't been at all bad with ailments, just some Braxton Hicks and a general feeling of heaviness.

This past week also saw me finishing up at work. It doesn't quite feel like I'm on maternity leave yet, mainly because my part-time days allow me to be at home at the end of the week anyway. I think come Monday it will sink in though when I don't have to rush out the door with MissyMoo1 (4) for an early pre-school drop-off and a trip to work.

I had an ante-natal check up during the week which went really well. Things are still very much on track with MissyMoo3's size and the gestational diabetes. I still haven't had to increase my dose of medication (thank goodness) and now I'm in the home straight. We discussed "birth plan" and thankfully the midwife was very practical about my wanting an epidural, as I've had them in the past. (I thought she was going to be all "natural birth" on me and I'd have to argue my case). So now it's written in. Let's hope that the midwives on duty are that agreeable when I'm actually in labour!

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