23 September 2011

38 weeks

It has been an interesting week!

This has been my first full week off work. It was great to spend those extra couple of days with the MissyMoos at the start of this week.

There have been no new notable ailments this week, but there has been an increase in the pains / cramping, which I've read is called pre-labour...

On Wednesday I had another ante-natal appointment as, at this stage of the pregnancy, the appointments are weekly. This was the big one I was looking forward to, as it was when the obstetrician would examine me and tell me when or whether I could be induced at 39 weeks as he had indicated would be the plan at my appointment a week earlier. Well, the check-up went very well. The doctor said that I was already 3cm dilated (which means those pains I've been having have actually been doing something)! That really surprised me, as MissyMoo1 was born 9 days overdue, and that didn't happen before I was induced with MissyMoo2. I didn't expect my body to be preparing for labour before 38 weeks.

So, thanks to my body already doing a bit of the prep work, the induction has been booked in for next week (unless I go into labour earlier)!! I won't tell you which day, just to keep a bit of mystery around it all. Let's just say that there won't be any blog post entitled "39 weeks"!

So, this time next week, MissyMoo3 will be here. I still can't quite believe it. Part of me is nervous about having a new baby - after all, I'm used to being pregnant, but it's been a couple of years since I had a newborn baby. But I know that I've done it before, a couple of times, so Hubby, the MissyMoos and I will all get by together.

All of me is nervous about the birth...

So keep me in your thoughts. If you're that way inclined, say a few prayers - I sure have been and will be. Things may be slow on the blog front over the next few weeks but I'll update on everything when I'm home from hospital and have the opportunity to spend a block of time on the computer.



  1. We are very excited for you. Rhiannon and sian have got their hands high in the air if you need any help entertaining the little Missy moos next week while we are on school holidays. Can't wait for the news that baby number three is safely arrived!

  2. Thanks Gina! The Missy Moos are keen for a bit of Baynham time these holidays. I'll call you to organise something :-)


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