07 September 2011

Big School - The First Step

MissyMoo1 had her first foray into the world of big school this morning. She will be starting school next year, but this morning her school had a two hour screening session - a morning where next year's kindergarten gather in small groups and do activities to give the teachers a snapshot of what they're like and what stage of development they are up to.

MissyMoo1 was a little nervous this morning. She has been saying for ages that she is really excited about big school next year, but I think that when it came to actually going there this morning she was a little overwhelmed.

When we arrived at the school we immediately saw some friends which seemed to relax her, but she still seemed very shy (which she usually is outside the home anyway). We made our way over to the meeting place in the schoolyard and sat down while we waited for things to get underway. She sat close to me but she was pretty happy. We sat through most of the children being called until her name was called for the last group. She happily got up and made her way to the teacher, smiled and waved at me and didn't look back when they walked off to the classroom.

I was fine. It was just like dropping her off at pre-school. I think it will be different next year though when I am sleep-deprived, emotional and she's running off in a school uniform...

When I picked her up two hours later, when she saw me her face lit up and she ran to me. I asked: "How was your morning?" and she replied: "I love school!"

This was one of the handouts she had from her morning:

That just about sums it up!

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  1. She did look nervous! Im glad she enjoyed it. It really is a great school and I'm sure she will be very happy there.


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