23 September 2011

Hometown Hopes

A couple of weeks ago a friend at work was telling me about her recent trip to her hometown. She said that while it was nice to be home, it wasn't the same now that she had been away for a few years.

It got me thinking about my hometown and my daydreams in the past few years. Hubby and I are both from the country (different places) and we've often toyed with the idea of moving back to a smaller town or city, but life just hasn't taken us down that path.

As a teenager I couldn't wait to get out of my hometown so that I could meet new people and see new things. Now as a mother of young children, I often reflect on what a great place it would be to raise a family. I have in the past daydreamed about moving back there, even though my parents don't live there any more. I haven't been back in about 6 years - now that I don't have family or really close friends there, there just doesn't seem to be much reason to make the trip - although I would like to get back there someday.

Lately though, I think as a reflection of how settled I now am here, the daydream about going back to my hometown hasn't quite seemed so rosy or easy. The thought of actually moving away makes me realise how much I would miss my family, new friends, community, parish and soon to be school, and my job. The MissyMoos have only ever known this place. I've finally gotten to the point now of running into people I know when I walk down the street at my local shops and just being able to stop for a chat - something I haven't experienced since living in my hometown so many years ago.

I realise that something I have longed for in recent years - the familiarity of my hometown - is something we're recreating as a family right now for our children. We're making our own little hometown right here :-)

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  1. I have to agree with you. Despite being thousands of miles from where I was born and raised I really feel like this is my home now. We are surrounded by so many great families and friends and live in one of the most beautiful areas. I feel like we are giving our kids a safe and wonderful life here. It's good to count you as our friends!


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