05 September 2011

My New Helper

The other night I told Hubby that I loved him, as I often do. He asked me how much, to which I replied: "More than the washing machine".

This response might seem unromantic and silly, but Hubby knew from that profound statement that he is very dear to me.

You see, we got a new washing machine a couple of weeks ago and I really do love it. Our previous washing machine was the smallest, cheapest thing I could find at Retravision 8 1/2 years ago when I was a poor uni student and about to move into a share house for the first time. With only a 4.5kg capacity, it suited me then, but with washing for a family of five looming, we decided that the time had come to upgrade, and not a moment too soon.

In the old machine, the lint filter had stopped doing any semblance of lint filtering about a year ago. The machine clunked and made scary I'm-going-to-break-soon noises and would sometimes cause the laundry to smell like stale water during and after a wash. It would take almost an hour to do a 4.5kg load. It still worked, but only just.

This new washing machine is AWESOME! Aahh, for so many reasons:

  1. It has an 8kg capacity, meaning I can actually fit a basket of clothing in one wash and one set of sheets doesn't fill it to capacity. Since getting this machine I have for the first time in a long time actually seen the bottom of my dirty towels/sheets basket.
  2. It's quick - it takes a lot less time to wash twice as much stuff.
  3. It has no separate lint filter, which means no removal of wet, slimy, caked-on lint from a useless piece of gauze.
  4. It doesn't have a huge gap between the tub and the outer shell of the machine, making it almost impossible to lose little people's socks down the abyss.
  5. It is electronic, so it has cool flashing lights and beeping noises.
  6. And probably best of all, it has a 9 hour delay function. So I can put the washing on just before having my supper at 9:30pm and the washing just does itself at 6:30am the following day. No more sneaking downstairs first thing in the morning to avoid having to take Missy Moo 2 with me (or upsetting her when I say she can't come down to the cold laundry too).
It might sound a bit silly to be raving on about a washing machine. But it's amazing how something like that making life a little easier can make such a difference to one's overall mental wellbeing! Who says material things can't buy happiness?!

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