12 October 2011

2 week weigh-in

This morning, at age 2 weeks and 2 days I took MissyMoo3 for her first visit to the child health nurse at our local pharmacy. I had a couple of home visits from a hospital midwife in my first week home, which was great. I was also supposed to get a home visit from a community health nurse, but when they told me they wouldn't be able to visit me for a month, I told them not to bother coming.

The visit went well. I had been to this nurse with MissyMoos 1 & 2 when they were babies too and loved seeing her - she had so much practical advice to offer and not judgmental at all like so many people can be. She remembered me too - she still had the older MissyMoos' cards on file with her!

I've been feeding MissyMoo3 on demand and it appears to have had an impact - she has put on more than half a kilo in two weeks! She has also grown in length to the point where I'm already having to shelve the Bonds 0000 Wondersuits. Aww, my little baby is growing up!

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