27 October 2011

Big School Orientation

MissyMoo1 (4) had orientation for big school this morning. She met her Year 5 buddy and had a wonderful time. She has been telling me that she can't wait for school to start next year!

While she was having a great time with her new friend, MissyMoo2 (2), MissyMoo3 (1 month) and I were in the school library getting heaps of information about the place from different teachers giving presentations. My little girls were so well behaved - 2 hours and no tantrums.MissyMoo2 was quietly and contentedly eating her morning tea and sitting on my knee for some of the time. MissyMoo3 slept and fed and only cried a couple of times. I was a little anxious about how they would be for such a long stretch of time but I'm such a lucky mummy!

Afterwards, they P&F put on a morning tea for us and I bought some of MissyMoo1's sports uniform for next year. It's all getting closer... (!!!)

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