06 November 2011

Baby brain strikes again

I'm so annoyed at myself. Baptism meeting tonight 7pm, highlighted in my diary, written on the wall calendar & my attendance organised during the week with a number of phone calls.

I clean forgot.

The plan had been to have dinner, then get ready and go with MissyMoo3 (5 weeks) while Hubby put the other MissyMoos to bed. What actually happened is this: I sat on the couch feeding MissyMoo3 for most of the late afternoon because of the heat. Then we had tea & the big MissyMoos had a bath while I fed MissyMoo3 some more. Then there was a yucky accident to clean up, followed by MissyMoo3 crying and MissyMoo2 (2) whinging at the same time. Then suddenly a lightbulb moment ... The realisation that I should have been somewhere else. At 7:30pm. The meeting started at 7. It's not like it's trivial thing that could easily slip your mind like forgetting to pack a hat in a backpack or a spare dummy. It was an entire outing ... for MissyMoo3's baptism, no less...

Hopefully by next month's meeting I'll have re-grown my brain so I can manage to make it.

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