21 November 2011

Cool Stuff I Get To Do Because I Have Kids: Make New Friends

I've made some wonderful friends in my life - in the schoolyard, at parties and in the workplace. Having children has also given me many opportunities to meet wonderful people.

It began at ante-natal classes when we got along with another couple there. We kept in contact and 5 years on we are still friends. Since MissyMoo1 (4) was two I have been going to one playgroup or another in my local area and through those groups I have met some wonderful people. Never mind that the kids enjoyed themselves, it was something that I enjoyed and really needed, particularly at a time when none of my friends from other circles had children yet. It was great to hear their stories, get advice and share experiences with other people who knew what you were on about when you were expressing frustration with potty training or tiredness from night feeds. And through some of those great people, I have met other great people too.

We still love our old friends dearly, but we don't live conveniently close to them so we don't have chance meetings at the shops and catching up can be tricky to organise sometimes. It's really thanks to the MissyMoos that Hubby and I have been able to form a network in our local area and I now count some of the people I have met through my children to be among my closest friends.

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