25 November 2011

Creepy crawly pets

It has become abundantly clear recently that we are in need of a pet.

Getting a pet is something we have been thinking about for a while - last December we almost got goldfish - but have put off with MissyMoo3's entrance to the family being foremost in our minds.

MissyMoo1 (4) has become quite attached to "animals". MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2 (2) enjoy patting cats, dogs, lambs, rabbits, ducks etc any chance they get. MissyMoo1 has also recently taken to adopting little crawlers she has found in the garden. There's been a few.

You've met Holly the lizard. After Holly, there was a cricket (I think her name was Jessica) but she hopped away far too easily to be kept for very long. Then there was a snail (I forget the name), whose lack of a speedy getaway made for a much better "pet" for a night in an icecream container with holes poked in the lid and filled with grass and leaves.

Then there was a ladybug called Lizzy:

About 2 seconds after this photo was taken, she dropped through the gap in the floorboards - it didn't end well.

That afternoon, Hubby caught another lizard for MissyMoo1 which we kept overnight and then released. This is where it lived:

Then last week at playgroup, a butterfly/pretty moth was found and crawled all over MissyMoo1's arm over and over. She let her friends have a go too and they were playing with the insect for over half an hour. It was going so well. I even convinced MissyMoo1 to let it go at the end of playgroup so it could go back to its family and friends (and not fly around in my car!). She, very maturely and without tears, took it back to where she had found it accompanied by a few of her friends. Unfortunately the insect came to an untimely end at the hand (or I should say, foot) of another little girl - completely innocently, mind you, no malice. But MissyMoo1 and another kid bawled their little eyes out crying "she killed it!" and the poor little girl got so upset and cried too. Tears everywhere, not good.

I hope that when we do actually get a proper pet, things go a bit better...

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