07 November 2011


Last week MissyMoo3 (5 weeks) was fitted with a harness for her hips.

I was expecting it to happen. With both of her sisters having had issues with their hips, it came as no surprise to me. It was still really disappointing though. It was a huge feeling of deja vu. We even had the same physiotherapist as with MissyMoo1 (4) nearly 5 years ago.

It was a hard day. Poor MissyMoo3 screamed during the ultrasound, the doctor's examination and the whole time the physiotherapist was fitting the harness. We had almost an hour between appointments to wait, so I sat in a waiting area where a volunteer was playing a piano so beautifully. The music combined with some feeding and cuddles calmed her (and me!) down immensely. Music really is powerful.

Having the harness on does make things more difficult. MissyMoo3 is restricted in her movement - the worst thing is that she can't kick her legs around when she has wind pains. We have to hold her differently which makes it more difficult to settle and feed her. She brings up more milk than before. She has to wear 00 clothes now to fit over the harness and keep her legs splayed out. And she can't be bathed in it. So once a week for the next 6 weeks at least, we must go to the hospital 40 minutes away to have the physios take off the harness, bathe & weigh her, and then refit it for another week.

MissyMoo3's hips weren't even that clicky or loose. They were stable. But given the problems her sisters had had & advice we received from a specialist in Sydney, we insisted on an early ultrasound, which has shown that at this stage her hips are far from normally formed.

Although that day was all about MissyMoo3 & I felt bad for her, I also felt terribly sad for MissyMoo2 (2). Like MissyMoo3, her physical checks were fine (and she had heaps of them by heaps of different medical professionals because of MissyMoo1 having been in a harness) but because she didn't have an early ultrasound her problems weren't picked up. As hard as it is with the harness on, I just want to rewind two and a half years and get a newborn MissyMoo2 into one too...

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