05 November 2011

Making the most of it

A few weeks ago during a night feed (which now doubles as my contemplative time), I was thinking about how big MissyMoo1 (4) is getting, how I'll miss her when she goes to school next year and how little time there is left of having my girls all home together.

I decided that I didn't want to spend the next couple of months making excuses not to do things because of tiredness or anything generally to do with MissyMoo3 (5 weeks), as we just won't get this time again. So I thought that I would make an effort to, one day each week, go on an outing or do something different with the MissyMoos; create some fun memories together.

The following week we went to my parents' place - not a huge "different" thing - we visit them often - but something we don't do a lot of during the week. When I see Nonna during the week, she usually visits me to see the MissyMoos but also to help me out a bit at home (I'm very lucky!). My parents live near the beach and the weather had been pretty good in the lead-up to the day so I had told the girls that, weather permitting, we could go for a play in the sand at the beach.

Well, wouldn't you know it but the day of our visit it was grey, rainy ... and cold! In late October! Stupid weather. So the MissyMoos ended up playing inside and watching DVDs. Oh well, at least we had a change of scene.

The next week we went over on Melbourne Cup Day. Again, the weather had been good in previous days, and again was gloomy that day. When we arrived, there were still pockets of sunshine, so rather than unload the car of everyone and everything, I picked Nonna up and we headed straight for the beach.


MissyMoo1 and MissyMoo2 (2) managed about two minutes of running around playfully on the sand before the dark clouds closed in and it started to rain. But, we got to go to the beach!

Outings are going to be more difficult now with a busy month ahead of doctor's appointments and school preparation. But lately I've very much been subscribing to the theory that life is what you make of it. Sometimes it's hard when I'm tired but I'm trying to make the most of here and now instead of wishing for an unattainable perfect, worry-free life in the future.

The other day after a big jump on the trampoline, MissyMoo1 said: "Mum, home is so much fun, I love it." Cool, we can stay at home sometimes too!


  1. You have a great attitude Francesca. Can you rub a bit more over this direction!

  2. I just had to re-read this after a tough day - motivation for tomorrow!


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