02 November 2011

Melbourne Cup

A couple of years ago on Melbourne Cup Day when I wasn't in the workforce, Nonna, the MissyMoos and I got dressed up together for the occasion. This year we took advantage of my stay-at-home mum status and did it again.

This time our little party was held at my parents' house. After lunch, my mamma, MissyMoo1 (4), MissyMoo2 (2) and I dressed up in nice clothes ate nibblies and put the TV on to watch the coverage of "the race that stops a nation". MissyMoo3 (5 weeks) slept through the whole thing but not to worry, I'm sure she'll have many more opportunities to dress up! The grown-ups drank soft drink in champagne glasses and we all had a lovely time together.

Sometimes it's nice to do something a little special together!


  1. And you all looked gorgeous!!!
    x Joan


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